Why Pre-wire?

Solid pre-wiring is essential for a great smart home experience.

Why Pre-wire

A modern day home must meet a complex set of requirements, from multi-functional spaces to increase demand for technology features. One of the best ways to ensure new homes will function optimally is to include pre-wiring of electronic and entertainment components.

The proliferation of in-home entertainment systems and smart appliances dictate the need for a robust wireless system. A hybrid approach, basing a fully integrated system on hard wire will ensure optimum performance and uniform coverage within the home. Pre-wiring in new construction or extensive remodels provides the most flexibility for homeowners future usage options.

As a builder, including pre-wiring can be an attractive, high-value add-on that helps set you apart from the competition.

What To Pre-wire

AUDIO: Go beyond the media room. Wired speakers guarantee higher quality sound. Pre-wiring audio gives homeowners the option to have high-quality sound in every room, including outside areas, without having to use bulky, free-standing speakers.

TV and Media Servers: Wired speeds are faster, have less interference and are more consistent than wireless. A wired backbone will provide a better experience for streaming of content, making everyone in the household happy.

SECURITY: Wired security is more reliable and enables more capabilities. It also allows for contacts to be hidden, providing discretion and better aesthetics. Wireless cameras are not as good as wired, so include options for surveillance cameras and smart doorbells (video).

Computers: Like the entertainment areas, pre-wire dedicated lines to office areas to ensure consistent, fast service where it's needed the most. With an increasing number of people working from home, creating a pre-wired, efficient office space can be a big selling point with homebuyers.

WIRELESS ACCESS POINTs (WAPs): Guarantee strong connections everywhere, by pre-wiring a secure backbone with multiple wireless access points. Pre-wiring network will make sure there is access throughout home.

Pre-wiring will save homeowners time and money and provide more efficiency. It is the best practice to prepare homes for smart technology and optimum wireless experiences. Providing homes with low-voltage pre-wiring allows builders to give homeowners more of what they are looking for – making your homes more attractive to potential buyers.

The TV Pro has the experience and capability to provide a cost-effective solution to low-voltage pre-wiring.

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